Monday, November 8, 2010

Time change and life unchained

Daylight savings time has never really made sense to me. The idea that we can trick ourselves into using daylight seems a waste of time, but on a positive note it did get me up an hour earlier. Two loads of laundry are done, the dogs are fed and water has been added to the fish tank. Oh, and I've had more time to kill on facebook and surfing the Net.

I figured today would be a good day to start my Life Unchained list inspired by Maggie Mason's Mighty Life List. In the spirit of her list, I will have some simple things and some major items. One slight difference is she has 100 items, I will have 99. It's one of my eccentricities that I prefer odd numbers, especially nines. So I will announce the first nine today and keep adding as the ideas occur. Also it's just random order not order of importance. Notice I said eccentricities, not quirks or crazy. That's the beauty of being from the South. Obsessive compulsive much, why yes, why do ask?

My Life Unchained List (aka the bucket list)
1- Take B fishing at the coast where my grandparents took me.
2- Get a passport.
3- Travel to Ireland and kiss the Blarney Stone.
4- Make blackberry jam.
5- Go sailing.
6- Write a novel.
7- Get a freelance job.
8- Learn to fry chicken like my grandmother.
9- Publish a poem.

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