Friday, March 19, 2004

I'm not sure I like this comparison.
But I always like to pass a test.

You are the grammar Fuhrer. All bow to your
authority. You will crush all the inferior
people under the soles of your jackboots, and
any who question your motives will be
eliminated. Your punishment is being the bane
of every other person's existence, because
you're constantly contradicting stupidity.
Everyone will be gunning for you. Your dreams
of a master race of spellers and grammarians
frighten the masses. You must always watch your
back. If only your power could be used for good
instead of evil.

What is your grammar aptitude?
brought to you by Quizilla

Thanks to the bloggers of A Capital Idea and Punctuational for pointing me to the test.
Boom! Crash! Or how I spent my vacation.
So I'm out in the yard watching sweet child o' mine play when I see this car speed down our residential street. I remember thinking 'He's not going to stop.' And he didn't. Ran the stop sign, hit a very large welding truck almost knocking it over, bouncing off and running straight through my front yard into my house. Directly into my bedroom wall, behind which my husband was sleeping. It also went through the area where my child and a bunch of the neighborhood kids had gathered early. We were lucky. No one was hurt seriously. Although I did have the urge to injure the guy who ran the stop sign.

Saturday, March 6, 2004

Who would have thought?

While I am not surprised that David Crosby had a gun and marijuana in his suitcase. I am a little surprised that a N.Y. hotel wouldn't look at the records to determine who stayed in the room last, before rifling through the bag for ID. And I am really surprised that they would turn him in after the employee found the items in question.
An apology to the blogosphere. Once again, I've been busy and let time slip away from me.