Thursday, January 22, 2004

A pox upon our house
We've all got a nasty cold except for the puppy. She sees no reason why the sick people should (1) not take her out every hour and (2) not play non-stop unless it is time for her nap, of course.

So in honor of our sickness, I declared a "no housework, no cooking, no do-anything-constructive day." I've alternated the puppy's outside breaks with my naps and spent the rest of the time Web surfing. Here's what I've come across so far. - 'TV crack': Pop culture eats itself - Jan. 22, 2004 I think this is a great headline, mainly because I'm addicted to 'TV crack.' As a child of the '70s and a teen/young adult of the '80s, I've enjoyed the series on those decades. I will even admit to watching them in reruns. - Foxlife - Out There - Don't I Know You From Somewhere? I love these kinds of idiot-crooks stories. This one is an oldie but a goodie. Apply for a job, come back rob the store, and go to jail because they have all your info.

Happy Year Of The Monkey Today is the start of the Chinese New Year. I am a monkey ;) And I love that this site calls us monkeys "erratic geniuses."

I guess that's enough for now. Time for more cold medicine and a nap. COLD-EEZE take me away.

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