Friday, January 9, 2004

Meet the blogger
I've been sitting here playing with fonts and colors all morning. Then it suddenly dawned on me -- this isn't page designing. It's blogging. So write something! Actually I probably will continue to mess with design -- it's in my nature.
But for right now, here are few things you should know about me if we are to have a successful blogger-bloggee relationship in no particular order:
- I am more conservative than I ever thought I would be, but still more liberal than most of my family
- The only virtue I require in another person is honesty
- I believe in soulmates
- A certain 6-year-old can wrap me around his finger
- I am overly critical -- of myself and others
- I get along with animals, better than people most of the time
- I am a worrier
- I am a pessimist, but I wish I was an optimist
- I have little tolerance for stupid mistakes
- I'm more emotional and sensitive than people would suspect
- I wish I had more friends
- I'm very disorganized at home and very organized at work
- I'm not a girly-girl
- I like hockey and football
- I wish I was more creative
- I'm a packrat
Well that should get you started. If you want to read some of the best writing on the Web (much better than anything you will ever see here), I highly recommend tequila mockingbird. I will post more links as time allows.

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