Friday, November 25, 2011

In review

One of the highlights of the week when I was a kid was "The Muppet Show." I loved the skits, loved the music and loved the guest stars (even though some of them I had never heard of before.)

So today we skipped the Black Friday shopping insanity I hate and went to see the new movie with Kermie, Piggy and the gang. My personal favorite is Gonzo. If you liked the show as kid and just want some sweet entertainment this is a safe bet. I loved it. The plot didn't ignore that the Muppets had been away for a while and was crafted true to the original shows and early movies. Watch for some famous faces at random intervals. The songs were fun, light frothy fare. The Muppets still dance, and the opening theme will still make you smile.

We made the right choice. Two hours with The Muppets beats two hours of fighting the crowds for cheap stuff we don't need.

P.S. Filmmakers, not every villain needs to be an oil man. Luckily, this wasn't over done as much as I have seen in other shows. But as the daughter of a father who works in the oilfield and a mother who works at a coal-fired power plant, I don't see the energy industry as the great Satan that some think it is.

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