Saturday, January 1, 2011

Her royal lowness

The basset hound came into our lives seven years ago - a cute puppy that captured my heart with an online picture. I had recently lost my rottie that was the great dog in so many ways. Let's just say the hound was different. The rottweiler was house trained in less than a week. The hound not so much. It's something we are still working on. The rottie could spend the day in the house and not touch a thing she wasn't supposed to; the hound leaves a path of destruction in her wake. The rottie loved to ride in the car while the hound is confused by the whole process. They couldn't have been more different. I spent a lot of time comparing them. The hound had a recent health scare and it reminded me of something. I would miss her funny ways. I need to love her for who she is and not hold it against her for who she's not. I think I should apply that to people, as well.

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