Tuesday, December 26, 2006

More Mason-Dixon knitting

I've made about a dozen of these ball-band washcloths. This colorway is for my Mom. The colors perfectly match her bathroom. Still on the needles: Bri's camo scarf and Ken's black afghan. Soon to be started: A camo log cabin afghan, Absorba bath mat and more washcloths.


tarcher said...

Very nice Chriss. I haven't tried this pattern yet. But I may go ahead and get the book since I have a gift cert for Amazon from my Secret Santa at work, LOL. But she wants me to buy the Knitting With Dog Hair one. LMBO.

chriss said...

Thanks! I really love it. As a novice knitter, it was nice to find something I could do. The ball-bands have really let me practice my stitches.