Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Mission Accomplished
When I proposed traveling by myself from my home in West Texas to my mom's home in northern Utah, let's just say there were a few skeptics. I love road trips, but I'm not what you would call a driver. I drive because I have to. I had never driven in mountains, despite having to live in them from kindergarten to graduation. But I did it and while it was a little scary in the canyon, I made it up and back in one piece -- the car, too. It's good for the self-esteem to conquer fears. It was great to see my mom, my brother, my niece and nephew and I loved every minute of it. But it's really good to be back in Texas. It has and will always be home to me. It was also very nice to be welcomed home by the dear husband. You don't realize how much you missed someone until you are back with them.

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