Friday, September 29, 2006


I am beginning to feel like a knitter. This is my first finished object from a pattern -- other than simple scarves -- that looks like it is supposed to look. It's the ballband dishcloth from "Mason-Dixon Knitting." I definitely plan on doing more from the book. I've promised sweet mom some handknits, sweet spouse a blanket for his truck (already in progress) and sweet child a camouflage scarf. I have got to get busy.

P.S. Didn't see a reason to start another blog for knitting. That would mean 2 blogs to neglect ;). So for now, expect knitting content thrown in with other random thoughts.


tarcher said...
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tarcher said...

Very nice Chriss. I am working on sock two for my dh. he wears his other pair to death, LOL and wanted more. I finished the Mystery Stole and have pictures of it on my blog. There is a Knit Out in Lubbock Oct 14th that I plan on going up for. I hope that some of the guild goes. Maybe you can, too. I have thumbed through the MDK but haven't bought it yet. I have so many things I want to knit and so little time, LOL.