Sunday, June 26, 2005

50-book challenge
OK, so I'm a little behind. In my break from blogging and the world in general, I finished books no. 8, no. 9. and no. 10. Conviction by Richard North Patterson was enjoyable if you can say that about a fictionalized death penalty case. I like that the author didn't go with these easy ending. It was also relevant to my life since we have the death penalty argument at my house probably once a week. That doesn't surprise most people, but it often surprises which side of the issue we fall on. Deception Point by Dan Brown was a fun read. Not as engaging as The Da Vinci Code, but good brain candy which is precisely what I needed. Spies, adventure and mystery are always a good distraction. A Good Life: Newspapering and other adventures by Ben Bradlee was timely and wonderful. I have been on a little bit of a Washington Post and Watergate kick in recent weeks. I read Katharine Graham's autobiography not long ago. I picked up Bradlee's book at the library two days before Deep Throat came out of the shadows and was glad I did. The Watergate investigation is always intriguing to me, but I really liked his chapter on Janet Cooke and Jimmy's World too. His statement about good editors and good copy editors being able to prevent the "excesses of exuberance" explains much about my job. I like his direct and sometimes blunt approach to his life story.
Currently reading: Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination by Helen Fielding.

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