Sunday, February 1, 2004

A day of TV
Most of my day has been in front of the TV. Not very productive but very relaxing after a long work week.

Slept late. Ordered us a pizza online. And parked ourselves in front of the bedroom television.

Started off with the World Poker Tour Battle of Champions 2003. I am really getting hooked on this after watching only a few times. Maybe it's all the poker I played at my grandparents with the family. Although I'm sure it's probably more exciting with thousands instead of loose change.

Watched the Super Bowl. I wasn't really committed to either team. That probably made the game more fun to watch since I didn't have to worry about my team winning. Enjoyed the commercials. Halftime gets mixed results. So-so on Janet. Make it stop on Justin, Nelly and P. Diddy. And not enough Kid Rock (must be a throwback to my teens when I was into the hair bands. And I really didn't need to see Janet's breast at the end. Apparently I wasn't the only one since Survivor: All-Stars issued a disclaimer. More on this from Tom Mangan at Prints the chaff.

Followed the game with CBS I'm rooting for Rupert. Although Rudy is kind of a sentimental favorite because he reminds my of my grandfather. From next week's preview, I don't expect him around for long. Colby is my eye-candy favorite, so I hope he stays in for awhile.

Finishing up with World Poker Tour Ladies' Night and that should be enough television for one day.

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